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Need help with Christmas for my children

mominneed2009 started this conversation
I have 2 children who are not going to get Christmas this year for the 2nd year in a row. My 12 year old daughter was in tears when I had to break the news to her yet again. My husband had been out of work since January 2009. He went back to the company that layed us both off this past June 2010. They layed him off again last week. I've only been employed for 9 months and it has been hard on us trying to keep up as it is. We are so far behind and I do not know how we are going to make it anymore with just my income.
The kids are disappointed but understand. I worry about my daughter who worries so much. As young as she is, she shouldn't have to worry. I tell her to let me carry the weight and for her to just be a kid.
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i am in a very desperate situation,i have no gas,little income a single mother of four kids in the dad recently passed away and he was the only person that helped us get through living situation.i have signed up for low-income housing and i am on the waiting list i have called around for help and the people say they have no funds.holidays are coming i have nothing for my kids for christmas and no gas to cook dinner,i am asking for all the help i can get,my kids do not deserve tobe in the cold.begging for help in gas bill is $550.00 and my kids ages are 10,8,6,4 years of age.please help..........
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Dp2012   in reply to Anonymous Meghan 16. Nathan 14. Katelyn 11. Thank you so much mercy Xmas god bless you
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 in response to kibbles...   i really dont understand how this board works.i have post for help
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 in response to bel102...   l am wishing my kids could be happy this christmas my kids asked me mom is santa coming to our house i just say santa does not have money this year they unferstand thats good my daugther is 9 i have three boys 8,6,4 that i loved them so much this economy its worser if theres any santa in apple valley ca thanks
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I am asking for any help for this years christmas for my 3 daughters ages 2, 9, and 12 years. Normally I would not ask but due to the fact I was laid off of work earlier this year and have not been able to find work. I was hoping to be working by now but nothing has happen yet. christmas is fast approaching and I barely have enough money for the bills, food, and rent. My girls have been very understanding and appreciative this year and I would love to give them a Merry Christmas, my 9 year old daughter is very excited for christmas and is unaware of our lack of funds for christmas this year and it will hurt my heart to tell her. Please please please any help is appreciated. Thank you

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I am in need this christmas i have 4 wonderfull kids 3boys and one girl i would love my kids to have a wonderfull joyfull christmas but its hard sinse my husband lost his job he gets unemployment but evrything goes on bills and rent its hard.I wish their wishes could come true to enjoy being kids thank you
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 in response to happy mommie46...   has anyone been able to help us
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happy mommie46
 in response to kibbles...   it is really getting close nd i need help.we need christmas tree also.please give us alittle help.i am begging for my children to be happy not disappointed
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 in response to ...   my children are 3 and 4 year old girls.thank you so much for offering to help me get them email is
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big momma
 in response to ...   my email is an my kids ages are boy 16 an two girls 6,9 i would appreciate any help u can give us
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big momma
 in response to ...   the ages of my children are boy 16 an two girls ages 9 an 6
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big momma
 in response to ...   my email is
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big momma
 in response to big momma...   i havent heard nothing from you just wanted to know if you were still interested in helping my family for christmas
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i am a disabled and need help for christmas for my b14 year old son and 15 year old daughter.i have no car and take care of my mother who is 81.i have copd and asthma and have to get a hip replacement.i want my kids to have a good christmas
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I am a wife and stay at home mommy of 4 children.There ages are 12, 10, 7 & 3.Christmas is almost here and I have no way of making it this year.My husband works but it doesnt even pay the bills.Due to a car accident a couple years ago I can not work.We are living with family now and I feel so helpless.Not too long ago I was somones christmas miracle now I am the one praying for a miracle.Its not my childrens fault Im having a hard time but it is breaking my heart to think that Santa is not coming...
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big momma
 in response to ahaegirlsrule...   my childrens ages are 16 boy 9 girl an 6 girl my email is
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 in response to big momma...   what is your email? I am interested i helping you..what are the ages of your children?
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big momma


 inresponse to Greek Mama...   im located in cedar springs mi i have three children an im a single mom im not workin at this time with the way the economy is im havin a hard time finding employement i am in desperate need of some christmas assistance. Iwould greatly appreciate any help given thank you  jolene jones

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 in response to Jessindallas...   My names is Katelyn. Im a mother of a wonderful two year old girl. I am my familys only source of income. I work maybe 20 hours a week. My husband was working until he was injured and is unable to go back to work for eight weeks. We lost over $200 weekly and I have no way to pay for necessities, let alone have any sort of christmas for my daughter. I have sold all my jewelry and electronics so we could have food and shelter but it would mean the world to me if someone could help her experience a little holiday joy.
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samantha wright
 in response to Greek Mama...   my name is samantha wright need help for my son 11 year old for christmas this year lay out 2008 please help us for christmas and gifts.
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